Episode 3: Deployed

Thank you for watching! I hope you had as much fun watching as I did making. Here are links to various things mentioned in the podcast. Enjoy!

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19 responses to “Episode 3: Deployed

  1. I like Ritter Sport. Like you, it’s not my favorite that Germany has to offer, but I can get it in the States. For your FLS… this is what I would do (’cause I’m too lazy to rip it back and begin again). Go through and decrease the extra stitches evenly in the eyelet row (if you’re doing it) or in and extra garter row. When finishing the sweater, I’d sew up the two button holes and just use a shawl pin to hold it together πŸ˜€

    • Thank you for the advice. The pattern calls for a lot of increases in the next row and I just increased to the correct stitch count. Then I still have a number of garter stitch rows to do before the pattern starts so I think I’ll be able to get that third button hole in. If not, I’ll do as you suggested and just sew them shut. Thank you for the “don’t rip it” encouragement. πŸ™‚

  2. Too funny, my ringtone for my youngest son is Du Hast by Rammstein. He took German in middle school and the teacher played some of their songs in class. He really likes the band too.

  3. Love the boxbags, they turned out great! And I completely understand the whole listening to heavy agressive music when you’re having a rough go. I listen to a lot (seriously LOT) of goth industrial stuff, particularly when I’m stressed out πŸ™‚

    • Do you listen to heavy metal/screamy music as well?

      *warning – plug for baby brother’s band approaching* *warning – plug for baby brother’s band approaching*

      Have you heard of “For Today?” My German friend who loves Rammstein thought they were a little too hard for him and, to be honest, they aren’t my favorite band but, you like music and so I feel obligated to say, “Check them out.” They are actually quite good, just too hard for me to listen to for any length of time. They just released a new music video for Seraphim.

      *all clear. Plug for baby brother’s band is over. * *All clear. Plug for baby brother’s band is over. *

  4. Aggressive music is the best thing for when you are angry.
    “Voll” is “full”. I think they are referencing to the chocolate made of “Vollmilch” (whole milk). BTW, this is my go to online dictionary, it’s really good: http://dict.leo.org/

    I hope that your husband will come back safely soon!

  5. Wow! I thought *I* was a project slut! You have so much going on–I love it! I cast on a lot then I get frustrated because they aren’t done, so I concentrate on one in order to have a FO, which of course makes me pissy because I don’t want to HAVE to work on that particular project, even though it is my own doing!!
    Great show!
    Have you seen mine?

    • I KNOW! I can usually focus enough to have SOMETHING finished as I, too, like to have at least one FO but this week…not happening.

      Yes, I have seen your show. I was watching it yesterday actually. I love that sheep soap. It is so incredibly adorable. I’ve a friend who makes soap and I’m going to see what it would take for her to make sheep shaped soap because I think that is about the cutest thing to add to swaps and packages. So cute!

      The Mystery socks came out great! I know the pattern is “Famiy Jewels” but I’d not noticed actual “jewels” on anyone else’s. IT looks great! You are quickly becoming an old seasoned expat instead of an exchange student. Keep up the awesome work!

  6. All he wears to work is a hat?!? WOOO! πŸ˜‰ hehe I tease of course. I don’t blame him for wanting to wear lots of colour after wearing all the drab clothes.
    I’ve never done an afterthought heel either but someday I will try it. So glad Leslie of The Knit Girllls did the tutorial video!
    Girl, I’m a project slut too! lol I usually have 3 or more things going at once. The other day I only had 1 project and I felt like something was missing! It was a horrible feeling. LOL!
    Those are awesome project bags. You are very talented!!
    Oh I love bamboo dpns. When I knit with my addi’s for too long my right wrist starts to hurt. 😦 So I try to switch off to a project that uses my bamboo dpns to rest the wrist. It’s good to have a mix of different kinds, I think.

  7. Love all your projects! It’s good to be multi-craftual and have a lot going on at one time. As for the aggressive music…I kickboxed for 2 years at a traditional boxing gym, and that was ALL they played there in the line of music. It was great music for kicking and punching (and getting kicked and punched). LOL Hope your hubby comes home safely and soon. My oldest son is in Afghanistan now…it’s hard enough having him there. I can’t imagine what it would be like having my hubby deployed. Hugs!

    • I remember you saying on your podcast that your son was deployed to the sand box. I imagine that is really hard. My husband’s deployments have all been fairly far from the front lines and so I’ve never really worried about his safety any more than normal when he’s deployed but if he were closer to the action, I would. I don’t know that having him deploy is any harder than having a child deploy. I mean, if Jael were grown and moved out, I probably wouldn’t notice her absence the way I notice Israel’s but I also never feel a parental urge to protect him but I do towards Jael. I don’t know. I think it sucks either way. πŸ™‚

      Hugs back attcha!

  8. Just wanted to say that I love the podcast! I’m a project slut too. πŸ™‚ Good luck with the deployment. My hubby is active duty navy and is also deployed so I’m feeling your pain.

  9. Hiya! I just found your podcast (videocast?) and am watching through all your episodes. I *totally* understand about being a project slut– I’m the same way! I call it knitting ADD. I’ve decided to embrace it, I just tell myself I’m the boss of my knitting and life is too short to knit boring stuff. So, I have a LOT of projects on the needles (I’ve never counted how many LOL) and I just knit what I’m in the mood for. πŸ˜€

    Anyways, I’m really enjoying your podcast. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

    • So glad you are enjoying the podcast (I think technically it’s a vidcast but I see no podcast police so I say whatever we want to call it is good). And you are absolutely right. Life is too short to knit boring things. πŸ˜€

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