Episode 5 – Anyway…


Sorry about so much rambling and off topic dalliances. I think I will not record at 1 am in the future. 🙂

Show notes:

Finished Objects:

Works in Progress:


  • Shrug (see above)
  • FLS – time out. Will begin again.

Stash enhancement:

  • zippers for box bags for craft fair – bought on Etsy from zipit (the shop is currently closed due to emergency so be sure to check back)
  • Vesper sock yarn in colorway Stormy – suggestions for sock pattern?
  • Dream in Color Starry in colorway Purple Rain – Traveling Woman Shawl for sister-in-law

Book “review” (mockery?):

  • Stitch by Stitch from Torstar Books

Podcast mentions:

Eyes and ears:

  • Fringe
  • Valley of Horses by Jean M. Auel

20 responses to “Episode 5 – Anyway…

  1. HA! My mom would be disturbed, sometimes I figure she’s the reincarnation of Emily Post.
    If you’re having shrug issues you should check out Stephanie Japel’s patterns on Rav. She’s Glampyre but she’s got some great shrugs that work on all kinds of bodies.
    And Fringe yay! Love Fringe, JJ grew up yummy, I remember watching the Mighty Ducks movies as a kid and thinking he was the bee’s knees and now he’s still the friggin bee’s knees.
    Interesting side note cause I’m rambly, I have a weird little fridge that I had to buy to fit my tiny kitchen and its 17 cu. ft. I think, it’s really small to everyone I know, but I love having a small fridge, I don’t buy too much food and I find I have less going bad because I can’t over stuff the fridge. I see more of what I have and yeah I get strange looks so often when people see my kitchen. My Bro has three over sized fridges in his house (one food, one for beer, one for frozen stuff). It blows my mind. Power to the small fridges!

    • Stephanie Japel has some really neat patterns! There were a few that snuck their way into my fav folder.

      And yeah…I watch Fringe for JJ. I was watching Fringe with my sister and wracking my brain for why that cute guy looked soooo familiar. We googled him and as soon as I read “Mighty Ducks” I remembered. So strange how much he changed and yet, how little. And yeah, I had a crush on him then, too. Pretty sure I had a larger than life-sized poster of him in my bedroom when I was about 12.

      And regarding fridges, I like having a smallish fridge. I would actually be happy with a slightly smaller fridge (but not smaller freezer). If the fridge is kept full, it uses so much less energy to keep cool (thermal mass and all that) and I shop a couple of times a week anyway. It just works so much better to have a small, full fridge than a large half-empty fridge. My folks, on the other hand, had 2 fridges and a deep freeze when I was growing up. 1 fridge in the upstairs kitchen for normal stuff, 1 in the basement kitchen (was our kitchen while my dad remodeled the upstairs kitchen) for soda and “extras” and the deep freeze for, well, lots of deep freezy things.

  2. I laughed when you were saying how your daughter always has to be talking or humming. That is totally my granddaughter. She is never not talking, singing, humming…whatever, she just cannot stand to be silent. That is how we know if she’s asleep. LOL!
    If you end up with one short sleep and one long sleeve you could start a new trend! Be a trend setter! lol
    Ohhh you got vesper sock yarn?! Nice!!!!
    ahhh haha You like my penis socks eh? hehe Penispoopcakewaffle socks. I’m working on the 2nd one but I had to put it on the back burner for a while. Someday I’ll be wearing my penis out in public. heh! Yeah that’s right, I said it. It’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. 😉

    • yup. sounds like your granddaughter is a lot like my daughter. It’s good to know that I’m not alone and that she’s not a complete anomaly. My daughter and I were watching your podcast and she said, “Peanut poop cake waffle socks?” and I didn’t feel the need to correct her. 🙂

      Speaking of wearing your penis out in public, I read a blog where a woman knit (or was going to knit) herself a cock and balls so that when she got hasssled for breastfeeding in public, she could pull out her cock and balls and say, “Oh, it’s okay if I’m showing my chest. I’ve got a penis.” Don’t know how that would go over but I find it endlessly amusing.

      • Are you kidding me?! I don’t know if I could do that. These socks are hard to tell what they are when you are wearing them. You literally have to point it out but good for her! I kid you not, my daughter and her friend were in the news this week in central IL because Meijer told my daughter’s friend she couldn’t print a picture of her breastfeeding her daughter.They told her it was obscene and trust me, we see more on the beaches then you will with a mom holding her baby and feeding it. People are so sexually repressed it’s scary really. Anyway, they called on their group of friends and the La Leche League in the area and took a stand. 🙂 http://www.centralillinoisnewscenter.com/news/local/Women-Stage-Nurse-In-at-Meijer-Store-119880799.html

      • Did you post that article on plurk? I didn’t realize that was your daughter. Good for her and the LaLeche league. I was incredibly fortunate to never get hassled for nursing in public and believe you me, I nursed everywhere!

        It’s interesting the cultural difference between Germany and the States regarding what is considered “sexual.” Pornagraphy is sold on the supermarket shelf, unwrapped and uncensored, at about adult eye level. Kindergarten school teachers where knee high black boots to school – over their pants, which are skin tight. Nude beaches and nude or topless swimming pools are common. And they have a lower rate of sexual crime (albeit, they have a lower rate of “reported” sexual crime so there could well be other cultural factors effecting the actual numbers). Go figure.

        I worked in a group home for a few months when I was 20 and nakedness lost all inherent sexuality for me. It was one of the best learning experiences I ever had.

  3. Funny about Sadie’s mom,LOL! Hope you like the Earth’s Children series, I just bought her 6th long awaited finale. The Clan of the Cave Bear movie is great too – with Daryl Hannah. Also love Fringe!
    Good luck with your craft fair. I would definitely buy one of your box bags 🙂 Maybe a headband or a market bag would sell too.
    Love the baby hat!

    • I am LOVING the Earth’s Children series. I just finished Valley of Horses (who needs sleep, right?) and will have to get the next one because they are really good.

      I think I will be making some headbands and market bags. And definitely will be making some box bags. Come on over to Germany and I’ll get you on base so you can shop our craft fair. 🙂

  4. You remind me of one of my daughters. Her husband is in the Air Force and has been deployed 3 times in 4 yrs. Their daughter was born while he was away and didn’t see her until she was 6 mths. old. They go through the same things you and yours are. You are a kick to watch.I love your enthusiasm. Please keep them coming!

    • I think your daughter has had it significantly worse than I’ve. My husband joined after our daughter was 2, so he didn’t miss birth and he’s only been on 1 long deployment. We’ve actually been very lucky, as far as deployments go. He spent the first year in the AF in training so no deployments. Then we went to a base that was in the process of turning his field over to civilians so we were always on the brink of moving so no deployments. It was only after coming here with the guarangtee of being in one place for 4 years that he deployed. 😦

      I can’t imagine 3 in four years. Of course, if he deploys again in the winter, then that’s exactly where we will be. Ugh. That sucks.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the show. It’s great to do and great to hear my viewers (that sounds so weird to say) kind words. Thank you so much!

  5. Here are some craft fair ideas:

    hair thingies – little crocheted flowers, etc attached to ponytail holders, barrettes or bobby pins.

    little amigurumi animals/monsters

    amigurumi food

    • I think I will definltey have to make some amigurumi. I’d forgotten about those but I think they’d be a big hit. At least, the ones I’ve made for gifts have been well received. I found out that the little girl we gave an amigurumi bunny to carries it around and won’t sleep without it. 🙂 Makes me feel good.

      Thank you for the suggestions!

  6. Can not wait to see your traveling woman’s shawl. It is going to be gorgeous. The shawl is a great knit. Love the podcast, really love the personal side to it as well. The sunburn looked painful, hope it is better. Can’t wait to see next weeks.

    • Thank you so much, Shelia. The sunburn is much better. Getting itchy so it’ll probably all flake off and be disgusting but hopefully not. I am really enjoying you and Wendy’s podcast as well. Look for a shout out next week. I think you guys are great. My daughter likes watching yours, too. 🙂

  7. What about some knit market bags for the craft fair. Since the tendency there is to shop more frequently they could be used like the market baskets. The up side is that when empty they take up far less space. Ravelry has a ton of free patterns for market bags.

    My son has a soundtrack to his life—it currently goes back and forth between Star Wars and Harry Potter themes with a little of him improvising in between.

    Glad you’re enjoying making the podcast. I always look forward to seeing your new episode.

    • I have favorited (or queued – can’t remember which) a bunch of market bags. Now my problem is finding enough hours in the day to make everything I want to make!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

  8. I was shocked when I first saw that huge fridges in an American movie. LOL I wouldn’t know what to put in there to make it full.
    I think you captured German shopping habits quite well. :o)
    Oh, your back yard is beautiful. And the view!

  9. “I’m gonna bend over again…”


    God, I missed the sound of your voice. Does that sound weird? You know, like stalkerish? Maybe. Possibly.

    Dude, I should totally put up kumihimo tutorials somewhere.

  10. Just found your podcast and I love it. Your delivery/format style feels like sitting across from a neighbor at the kitchen table. After watching, I have that “gee, I sure hope she comes over again” feeling…

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