Pics Instead of Podcast

Obviously, I did not get to record any episodes, mini or otherwise. That is because while the fan is, in fact, the correct one, the tool I need to take apart my comptuer has disappeared. I have ordered a new one but, alas, it is shipping from California and, honestly, can you get much farther from Germany than California and still be in the continental United States? So I am waiting again. However, I did set up our secondary computer which runs Xubuntu OS. This mean that I can access the internet, email, Facebook, Plurk, and Ravelry but I can’t watch podcasts and I can’t record. Well, I can record using my digital camera but I can’t edit, upload or anything else. *sigh*

But, despite my continued absence from the podcasting world, I’ve still been knitting and accumulating stash faster than I’m knitting it up. And really, isn’t that the life goal of all yarn addicts?

The Craft Fair:

It was poorly advertised, as per standard operating procedure of our base, and so the turn out was less than spectacular. I felt that I sold items, primarily sewn fabric bags, at a decent rate for the traffic we had. I assume that had there been more traffic, I would have sold even  more. I left with more money than I came with but it did not cover the material costs of the products I brought. Good thing this is a hobby and not a business, huh?

Bitchin’ Becky – the business:

I talked to the people I needed to talk to regarding having a home based business in Germany and the process, while lengthy with lots of paperwork and lots of random-ass signatures from people who really shouldn’t have a say in whether I can have a home business, is not as arduous as rumor had it. I need to write a letter to a guy (can’t remember his title) outlining my business plan and then he will begin the paperwork process. I will sign a piece of paper promising to follow all the myriad rules, go downtown and get a tax ID number (which costs something like 10 Euro), and I am good to go. I think. Obviously, I will get more info as I got through the process but right now, I just need to get that letter emailed.

Works in Progress:

Yoga socks:

Firewing Shawl:

Entrelac Scarf:

Flutter-by Socks:

Finished Object:


Stash Enhancement:

Highland Handmades, Firestarter Colorway, graciously custom dyed by Heather – who is freaking awesome. She also sent a sample of her lace weight in the colorway Moss.

  Oh, and that day, I also bought some strawberry daquari mixer and rum. It was a good day. 🙂

Huckleberry Knits, colorway Patina, base: Willow 80/20, BFL/nylon:

Schaefer Yarn, Nichole Two-fer, colorway Julia Morgan, 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon:

And lastly, my daughter is really missing her dad. We both are but she has no faith that he is coming home. This is what I found on her hand the other day:

And yes, she always looks that gooney in pictures. She has her father’s photogenicness, poor girl. 🙂

That is all for now. More has been going on but there is a reason that I do a video blog and not a photo blog. Photos are boring and time consuming and I do NOT like doing them. So you all know how much I love you because I am seriously not digging the whole play-with-photos thing. 

I leave you with this promise: I will be back.

19 responses to “Pics Instead of Podcast

  1. Firestarter looks awesome and I love the flutterby sock pattern! Very cool! Is it hard? Well hang in there. I hope your hubbys orders change for the better and you can all be together again.

    • the flutterby pattern is not hard at all. I am struggling a bit to keep the carried yarn loose enough when I slip stitches but that’s my problem and no the patterns. It’s a fun one. You should try it!

  2. Thanks for taking the time with the pics! I’m glad you’re liking the yarn. I can’t WAIT to see what you create with them.

    That said, I miss you and hope you get your computer fixed quick so I can watch more episodes!

    • Thanks! I love the yarn so much and I wish I didn’t have a hundred things on the needles so I could start working on it straight away. But my knitting eyes are so much larger than my ability/time/etc.

  3. That’s some nice looking yarn.

    Don’t you live on US territory on base? You still have to get through German bureaucracy when opening a business? Well, may you get it done fast and without any complcations.

    • We don’t live on base but even if we did, we would still have to jump through all these hoops. We are here under the SOFA agreement and part of that says that we have to do x, y, and z in order to operate a home business. And then the Air Force has its own set of rules: Can’t use the post office, can’t use the BX to purchase things for your business, can’t use your USARE plated car for the business, can’t even have a business if it conflicts with a service AAFES already provides, etc.


  4. Hi there, I was looking for knitting vlogs on You Tube and Blip, and I found yours. I really enjoyed it. You’re a regular person (that’s a compliment), and I love that you didn’t go crazy with advertisements (so many on Blip do). So you have another new reader/watcher here. Aren’t you thrilled? lol

    Years ago my husband (at the time) was in the air force, so I know what you’re going through. Some bases are better than others, so sometimes it’s good and sometimes not so good.

    I love the firestarter colors!

    • Hello new viewer! Sorry it took so long to reply and normally I try to be a little quicker about it. Thank you for the compliment…I consider being a regular person complimentary since the other side is being a fakey person and I DEFINITELY don’t want to be that! And, yes, I am thrilled to have another viewer!

  5. Hey sweets! We have missed you! That seems strange you would have to ask permission from German government when you live on the US base.
    You have been knitting a lot I see. 🙂


    • yeah, and the funny thing is, even if I jump through all the Air Force hoops and all the German hoops…I still can’t sell to Germans without jumping through a whole OTHER set of hoops. GAH! *pulling out hair*

      It doesn’t affect the home business at all but we don’t actually live on base. We live in a little town about 10 minutes from the base. We rent from a German couple that lives above us…I do not advise living in the same house as your landlords. It’s awkward and less than fun. Especially when you don’t put up curtains because you are lazy and scatterbrained but have huge picture windows in every room of the house that face the backyard that they regularly use and work in. 😐

  6. love all the pics of the yummy yarn:0) and your daughter looks so cute:) seems like you are finding your way into some better yarn than what is available locally. the craft fair/show whatever you want to call it is never advertised very well here either. i didn’t go this year, but a friend who did said hardly anyone showed up. ah well…the life of the military. good luck with your home business:0 i have a friend here who sells yarn and apparently the german law/rule is that you can’t sell the yarn any cheaper than what the company itself charges?? i don’t know…someone called whoever you call and ratted her out for selling some yarn a little cheaper. strange right? anyway, good luck and i look forward to seeing/hearing more from you:)

    • There are a lot of rules when selling stuff. I know that in order to even be allowed to start a business, AAFES has to approve it (for you non-military people, AAFES is the group/company that provides us with our department store, craft store, most restaurants, and lots of other services). If what I am doing is in direct competition with them, such as Mary Kay or CandleLight, they can refuse to allow me to operate. We not-so-jokingly refer to AAFES as the base Mafia.

  7. Hey My Knitting Hero!
    You are amazing and knit/create so fast it is awe inspiring. Love your stuff….
    I have missed your video’s….and keep checking back, but alas, not yet.
    Happy to see your pics though. Thanks for the work it takes to make that happen~Love to see what you are creating.
    Hang in there~here’s to you, your and your daughter~ She is beautiful btw! I have 5 little people in my home ages 7 to 15! Yep…I’m crazy….but I love it!
    Question for you….do they sell kindereggs in your town? They are considered a choking hazard for Americans….but apparently not Germans. Hmmmm are we a little slower here or do we just have more lawyers?
    Anyway….I would pay you to hook us up with a kinderegg connection!
    Let me know~we love the advent calenders….my brother used to live there….He flew F- 16’s/F-4’s.

    Julie B
    Joenjules on Ravelry(don’t judge me by my projects on Rav….there is only one posted….I’m a slacker with photos……

    • We do have Kindereggs in our grocery stores (off-base of course) but I can’t send them. Because of their choking hazard status, they are a prohibited item and cannot be brought into the US, not via mail or carrying in your luggage when you fly. I know this because we got stopped by customs and our 24 eggs were confiscated and destroyed. This after 24 hours of travel that included flying waiting for 6 hours to get on a plane that flew for two hours before turning back, waiting for another 4 hours for the next flight, which was alternately too hot and too cold, and Jael being airsick. Needless to say, the destruction of the Kindereggs was incredibly traumatic to my daughter and, honestly, if there hadn’t been other people around, I would have joined Jael in bawling my eyes out.

      It totally blows because Kindereggs are sort of the only really novel thing we’ve found to send home. Oh well.

  8. Hello Becky! I’m a watcher of your podcast but this is the first time i’m leaving a comment 🙂 Thanks for posting the pictures and your daughter is so stinking cute 🙂 I hope you get to podcast soon, We miss your podcast 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting! I love comments because it lets me know that people are actually watching. WordPress doesn’t tell me how long someone looks at a page, just that x number of people looked. If someone looks for .25 seconds, that still counts the same as someone watching a whole episode. For a while on my other blog I was using another site to track how long each view lasted but then I quit…and I don’t remember now why. *scratches head*

  9. You are back! Most of us probably prefer the video as you do, but thank you so much for the pics & updates. I’m glad you are doing well & I’m looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

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