Episode 13: Grumpasaurus is Grumpy

Hello everybody!

Plurk Podcast Challenge: Started by Knittingsmybag (“needlework project bags” on Etsy)

Works in Progress:

  • Entrelac Scarf
  • Mom’s felted bag
  • Yoga socks from HELL – pattern by Patons, yarn is Regia Cotton Stretch Ocean Color, knit on 1.5 US/2.5 mm DPNs
  • Flutter-by socks – pattern by Shannon Robalino, yarn Huckelberry Knits in the Copper Patina colorway, on size 0 US/2mm HiyaHiya needles
  • Catkin – pattern by Carina Spencer, yarn Madelintosh Tosh Merino Light in the Nutmeg colorway and Malabrigo Sock in the Boticelli Red colorway, on size 4 US/3.5mm Addi Turbo Lace

Finished Objects:

  • Grumpasaurus! He’s grumpy and vaguely shaped like a dinosaur! Pattern by Kat Lewinski, yarn is South West Trading Company Vickie Howell Craft in the Suss and Share colorways.

Future Projects:

  • Lots more monster type toys.

Stash Enhancement:

  • Dream in Color Classy, Purple Rain colorway, 5 – yes, count them 5 – skeins that I bought from the beautiful and talented Becca of the KnitBytes podcast!


  • Interweave Knits: bleh
  • Nation by Terry Prachett – very good and enjoyable
  • The Tin Ticket by Deborah J. Swiss – Just beginning this but am really looking forward to reading it. I imagine it will be a little hard to get through simply because it is a heartbreaking TRUE story. Heartbreaking FICTION, no problem but when the tragedy has happened to a REAL person, it’s hard for me to read.

13 responses to “Episode 13: Grumpasaurus is Grumpy

    • I have to admit, I was actually a little miffed that she bought it all. It’s stupid I know, but I felt like she’d stolen it out from under me. I struggle with some possessiveness over my craft store and its fairly limited goodies.

  1. Jael is adorable! My daughters are 14 and 18 (most of the cute is used up by the time they reach their teens!). It was so sweet to see her trying to be like Mom. Precious!

    I just found your podcast and love it. Thanks and keep them coming!

  2. Jael did well on ‘her’ podcast! What was the tutorial you used for the wedge bag? I don’t have an iTunes account so I always watch podcasts from the podcaster’s blog. For the contest could you ask those who want to enter to go to your blog?

  3. I can’t imagine I’d be as into knitting and fiber/yarn if it wasn’t for Ravelry or youtube for that matter. 🙂 I’m not doing the challenge thing. Mostly because I just vlog aka blab about whatever I want. lol
    Your scarf looks good! I imagine it takes patience.

  4. Jael you are a natural! Good job and I love Raggedy Ann and Andy! When my daughter was a baby I decorated her room in all Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. 🙂

  5. Hey lady, great blog this week and I really appreciate the patience you have with Jael.

    As a suggestion, with regard to your “gift a listener” giveaway, I would probably stick to having comments on the blog and make it a specific blog post say, your next one where you announce it. What Pioneer Woman used to do was have caption contests or if you prefer just to have the name in a hat situation, you could simply do that.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to your German goodies give-a-way. My husband is German born (naturalized) and has fond memories of foods and such from Germany when he lived there as a boy. We go to the German deli here so that he can “taste home” and oh their meats and bread are so good! I, personally, would kill for some PurWoll since Amazon is sold out and I hear that’s what Wollmeise uses on their wool.

    I’m FrancineM on Rav. Cheers!

  6. Jael did great! I love your idea on the giveaway, I think it would be so fun to receive goodies from another country like that! I agree about having people just go to your blog and post comments on a certain post.

  7. Your flutter by socks are looking great. I’m learning to do socks with magic look as we speak. I tried it before, but my cord wasn’t long enough. You’re right, the cord needs to be long enough.

    For your give-a-way, I would suggest having people comment on your blog. It doesn’t matter where they chose to watch your videos, your blog is home base and if they want to enter the give-a-way, they can carry themselves over to your blog and comment. lol I was thinking of doing a give-a-way after I get another issue of a magazine I want to use, and that’s how I’m going to do it.

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