Episode 18: Summer Colds Suck!

Woot! Uploaded on the first try! I guess being Satan has it’s advantages!

Hairy Yellow Chunks, pattern by Rebecca Danger, whose name I am intensely jealous of

Coming Together Socks, pattern by Thayer Preece

Mother Bear Project

List of podcasters hosting Mother Bear Project KALs:

  1. NoteableNeedle (Catherine);
  2. MommyNeedsYarn (Erin);
  3. Barknknit (Natalie);
  4. Family Fiber (Bobbi);
  5. Knitbytes (Becca);
  6. Exchangestudentinfiberland (MariGayle);
  7. Knittinonthefly (Katie);
  8. Knitabulls (Diane);
  9. Sassypantsknitter (Wendy); and
  10. Bloomingknitter (Tina).

Plurk Podcast Challenge Participants:

Alpaca and Ewe – Gail – http://alpacaandewe.blogspot.com/
Addicted to Yarn – Becky – https://addictedtoyarn.wordpress.com/
Barknknit – Natalie – http://barknknit.blogspot.com/
Britt Knits – Brittany – http://brittknitsvidcast.blogspot.com/
BloomingKnitter- Tina – http://bloomingknitter.wordpress.com/
CronicKnitter – Tanya – http://cronicknitter.blogspot.com/
Darthknitter -Tammy- http://proverbialknitter.com/
Dragonfly Soars – Vicki – http://dragonflysoars.blogspot.com/
DramaticKnits – Steve – http://dramaticknits.blogspot.com/
Domestikateddarling – Kate – http://www.domestikateddarling.blogspot.com/
Exchange Student in Fiberland – MariGayle -http://exchangestudentinfiberland.blogspot.com/
Family Fibers – Bobbi – http://familyfibervideocast.blogspot.com/
Knit Naturally – Dawn – http://knitnaturally.libsyn.com/webpage
Knit1hearttoo – Sheila – http://knit1hearttoo.blogspot.com/
Knit1hearttoo – Wendy – http://knit1hearttoo.blogspot.com/
Knitabulls – Diane – http://knitabullspodcast.blogspot.com/
Knitbytes – Beeca – http://knitbytes.wordpress.com/
Knittin’ on the Fly – Katie – http://knittinonthefly.blogspot.com/
Miss Elle Knits – Elle – http://misselleknits.blogspot.com
Mommyneedsyarn – Erin – http://www.mommyneedsyarn.com/
Needlebound-Liz -http://needlebound.blogspot.com/
NoteableNeedle – Kate – http://noteableneedlework.blogspot.com/
Purple Photokitty’s Artwork – kelly – http://ppkart.blogspot.com/
Sillyfru – Wendy – http://sassypantsknitter.podbean.com/
Rainlover Knits – Sarah – http://www.rainloverknits.com/
Yarnivore – Sadie – http://sadieruin.wordpress.com/
HippiePenguin -Hilary – http://hippiepenguinfibers.wordpress.com/


6 responses to “Episode 18: Summer Colds Suck!

  1. Hail Satan! 😛 As much as I love the interwebs, people like Mr. Troll really make me regret its existence. Anyway, on to more important stuff:

    Bearded Chunk = frickin ADORABLE! Awesome progress on those socks, btw. I’m loving that design – definitely need to figure out a toe-up & short row heel version.

    Get well and Rock On!

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