Episdoe 19: The Three S’s: Sweater, Shawl, and Socks


Mother Bear Project:

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Plurk Podcast Challenge Participants List:

Alpaca and Ewe – Gail – http://alpacaandewe.blogspot.com/
Addicted to Yarn – Becky – https://addictedtoyarn.wordpress.com/
Barknknit – Natalie – http://barknknit.blogspot.com/
Britt Knits – Brittany – http://brittknitsvidcast.blogspot.com/
BloomingKnitter- Tina – http://bloomingknitter.wordpress.com/
CronicKnitter – Tanya – http://cronicknitter.blogspot.com/
Darthknitter -Tammy- http://proverbialknitter.com/
Dragonfly Soars – Vicki – http://dragonflysoars.blogspot.com/
DramaticKnits – Steve – http://dramaticknits.blogspot.com/
Domestikateddarling – Kate -http://www.domestikateddarling.blogspot.com/
Exchange Student in Fiberland – MariGayle -http://exchangestudentinfiberland.blogspot.com/
Family Fibers – Bobbi – http://familyfibervideocast.blogspot.com/
Knit Naturally – Dawn – http://knitnaturally.libsyn.com/webpage
Knit1hearttoo – Sheila – http://knit1hearttoo.blogspot.com/
Knit1hearttoo – Wendy – http://knit1hearttoo.blogspot.com/
Knitabulls – Diane – http://web.me.com/knitabulls/knitabulls_Web_Page/
Knitbytes – Beeca – http://knitbytes.wordpress.com/
Knittin’ on the Fly – Katie – http://knittinonthefly.blogspot.com/
Miss Elle Knits – Elle – http://misselleknits.blogspot.com
Mommyneedsyarn – Erin – http://www.mommyneedsyarn.com/
Needlebound-Liz – http://needlebound.blogspot.com/
NoteableNeedle – Kate – http://noteableneedlework.blogspot.com/
Purple Photokitty’s Artwork – kelly – http://ppkart.blogspot.com/
Sillyfru – Wendy – http://sassypantsknitter.podbean.com/
Rainlover Knits – Sarah – http://www.rainloverknits.com/
Yarnivore – Sadie – http://sadieruin.wordpress.com/
HippiePenguin -Hilary – http://hippiepenguinfibers.wordpress.com/

10 responses to “Episdoe 19: The Three S’s: Sweater, Shawl, and Socks

  1. It’s so funny what you say about “filling and alphabetizing”. My mother, when I was maybe 12, occupied me by letting me at the CD stale and I was alphabetizing all of them. During this time, my mother can shop freely and quietly. So I am completely related.

    I wish you a ice trip in US and see you next week!

    • My husband and I might have straightened out Walmart’s magazine area when he worked nights and we had nothing to do on his nights off. We considered it payment for standing there and reading the magazines and books but never purchasing anything. lol

  2. Yes, True Blood has a draw…and his name is Alex Skarsgaard. Yum. 😉

    Honestly, the acting is horrible! But what’s funny is that the characters I liked the most in the books when I read them, I can’t stand in the show…Sookie? Bill? Sam? Just want to slap them silly pretty much all the time. And ones I didn’t like in the books, or they didn’t seem that important, are the ones I love the most in the show. Jason is a hoot in the show but was a total idiot in the books. Lafayette didn’t live past the first book but I love his crazy character in the show. Jessica wasn’t even in the books and I think she’s one of the best characters in the show.

    • Alex is pretty yummy. Lafayette is one of my favorite characters! I’ve not read any of the books. I think I looked into them a while back but for whatever reason, it never happened. Maybe I’ll have to look into them.

  3. Re: ALA Filing Rules – Totally enabling for my OCD tendencies. When I first started my job my first mission (besides re-arranging my office for maximum fung shui) was to re-organize & re-vamp the entire School’s filing system.

  4. You have added to my queue! heh! I put the Coming Together socks in my queue. If it’s super easy maybe it can be my airport knitting when I leave for IL. 😀
    Safe travels and I am very said you will be in Iowa and I will be in IL and we will be so close and yet so far. *sniffles*

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