Episode 24: Plurk Podcaster Challenge: GO VOTE!

The Plurk Podcast Challenge is drawing to an end. If you are knitting along with me or any other podcaster, you need to have your project finished by Sept. 25th and pictures posted to the respective Ravelry group thread by the 27th. You also (and this is the REALLY important part) need to go vote for the winners of the various categories in the Plurk Podcaster Challenge group. There is an “Official Voting Thread” that is currently locked but feel free to read the various categories and think about your choices (which should be me, right?). Without viewer participation, the Plurk Podcaster Challenge falls somewhat flat. We want your input. Do it. Do it now!

Finished Objects:

  • Traveling Woman Shawl, knit out of Dream in Color Starry in the Purple Rain colorway
  • Cabled Chapeau, PPC Challenge pattern, knit out of Paton’s Classic Wool in the Teal Heather colorway
  • Trenza Mitts, Becca’s (KnitBytes’s hostess), PPC Challenge pattern, knit out of Cascade 220 Heathers
  • Flutter-By Socks, knit out of Huckleberry Knits, Willow base, Copper Patina colorway

Works in Progress:

  • Pembroke Vest, Sheila’s (cohostess of Knit1Hearttoo) PPC pattern, knit out of Hacho yarn
  • Shedir, Diane’s (hostess of Knitabulls) PPC pattern, knit out of Schachenmayr Nomotta Extra Merino
  • Vanilla socks for Jael, knit out of Colinette Jitterbug, in the Rio and Lilac colorways

Join my Ravelry group, Addicted to Yarn. We are at 180 members. Only 20 more to go before I do a drawing for…something.


2 responses to “Episode 24: Plurk Podcaster Challenge: GO VOTE!

  1. **WARNING: Novella-length comment to follow.**

    1. SO happy that your hub’s is home! WAHOO! You looked over the moon in the pre-amble 🙂
    2. You did beautifully on the chapeau (way better than I did on my attempt at it). Instead of blocking it – which may make it even bigger than her pre-teen head – you can include a stuffed animal in the gift and put the hat on the toy. Or stuff it with something else….like a bag of candy?….to make it less oblong
    3. LOVE the traveling woman shawl! Great job!!!
    4. Finally, re: SM Stirling – actually, I’m just going to start a thread in ravelry about this, because I just have WAY to much to say.

    Yet again, another rad episode! Thanks!

  2. Might I suggest just stuffing the chapeau with some tissue or something to make it more round. You’d probably have to send it in a box then, but it would make a more positive first impression of the hat. I wouldn’t think blocking would do much since it’s so cabled.

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