5 responses to “Episode 27: Goodie Bag!

  1. I think a felted project is a great first project. When my MIL learned to knit, her LYS taught a felted bag. Not sure if it was knit in the round or seamed. It seems like a great idea because mistakes or less-than-perfect stitches get felted and disappear!

    I like the idea of a mug cozy or coaster.

  2. good episode!!
    I agree with Theresa that a cozy or coaster would be good for first-timers, (even a placemat); but disagree about the felting, especially as you haven’t done it before. When my daughter first learned knitting, she made placemats without felting, and we used them for many years. It does of course, depend on the thickness of wool.
    take care,

  3. What about a cowl that you knit flat and then button? It would be shorter than a scarf but a little longer of a project. Or mitts that are knit flat and then seamed up leaving a gap for the thumb (no thumb gusset)?

  4. maybe you could make you DH another hat in a more exciting, non-military color for him to wear out? The Koolhaas hat is always an eye-catcher. I’ve made many for all the dudes I know with no complaints.

    This is one of my favorite general spinning resources: http://www.joyofhandspinning.com/HowToDropspin.shtml and this youtube channel is what I used when I learned how to spin: http://www.youtube.com/user/afranquemont?feature=pvchclk the vid quality isn’t always the greatest, but she knows her stuff and the info is good. Never used a supported spindle before, but I think they’re mostly used to spin “slippery” fiber like silk.

    For my beginning knitting lessons, I use a three-part method where the student will end up with a set of 3 wash cloths – on in garter stitch, one in stockinette with a moss stitch border, and on in garter but knit on the bias – which teaches the knit & purl stitches plus increasing and decreased. It takes about three lessons, but then they can do pretty much anything in knitting with that basic knowledge. Felted or not, definitely pick something that will be useable regardless of how newbie it looks when it’s completed 🙂

    good job wingin’ it without show notes 🙂

  5. how about wham bam thank you lamb? all garter, no shaping, lesson in gauge if use a different yarn…a wee bit of finishing…and you can add a cool button….I’m teaching someone now, and the size seems to be just about right for a weeks worth of beginning knitting….

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