Episode 28: You can do it!

“Finished Objects”:


To be finished objects:


8 responses to “Episode 28: You can do it!

  1. what a very entertaining half hour!!!

    Becky: don’t stress about the Xmas list I haven’t even thought of any gifts, yet. You were very patient with your pupil.

    Israel; hello, nice to see you. well done on starting to knit. looking forward to seeing the finished object and you, may be next episode.

    take care,

    • I’m not stressing about the Christmas list. More just bummed that my lack-of-awareness-of-time-passing effects me so in the long run (as in months) as much as it does in the short (hours). oh well. I guess it’ll probably come down to who do I really think deserves handknit gifts and who doesn’t. lol

  2. Becky – this was great! Your hubby is a terrific sport and I had fun just watching you two. He also did a really good job on his first row. I think he has massive potential to become a serious knitter. 🙂

  3. Becky, this show was awesome! I enjoyed watching this episode and it was so nice to “meet” your husband. Your hubby was a very good husband for letting you teach him how to knit on camera 🙂 If he sticks with knitting you two should podcast together 🙂 I called my husband after watching this episode and i told him that he is learning how to knit LOL! He agreed, he was trying to learn before but gave up 🙂

  4. Becky, another enjoyable podcast. Israel you are such a good sport. I HATE for people to watch me when I’m trying to learn something new.

    Don’t stress about the Christmas knitting. There’s always next year 😉

  5. First time visit and I must say I will be back….I laughed for a half hour I enjoy the chemistry between you two and quirkiness….keep it up. Now I’m going to back track and watch the others I missed.

    Thanks for the laughs.

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