Episode 6: Take two

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Show notes:

Finished objects:

  • Market Bag, pattern “It’s so Easy Being Green” by Jennifer Lacey
  • Face Scrubbies, pattern “Scrubbie Dots” by Doni Speigle
  • Head band, based on trim from “Knit Edgings and Trims” from Interweave’s Harmony Guides

Works in Progress:

Future project:

Stash Enhancement:

Knitting book review:

Podcasts to watch:

  • Dragonfly Soars – Vickie
  • Knit1Hearttoo – Wendy and Sheila

Eyes and Ears:

Dr. Who


I think it’s pretty clear who the better man is. I digress.

Valley of Horses, by Jane M. Auel

Don’t Look Behind You by Lois Duncan

Collected Stories and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe

Open Marriage by Nana and George O’Neill

Episode 5 – Anyway…


Sorry about so much rambling and off topic dalliances. I think I will not record at 1 am in the future. 🙂

Show notes:

Finished Objects:

Works in Progress:


  • Shrug (see above)
  • FLS – time out. Will begin again.

Stash enhancement:

  • zippers for box bags for craft fair – bought on Etsy from zipit (the shop is currently closed due to emergency so be sure to check back)
  • Vesper sock yarn in colorway Stormy – suggestions for sock pattern?
  • Dream in Color Starry in colorway Purple Rain – Traveling Woman Shawl for sister-in-law

Book “review” (mockery?):

  • Stitch by Stitch from Torstar Books

Podcast mentions:

Eyes and ears:

  • Fringe
  • Valley of Horses by Jean M. Auel

Episode 3: Deployed

Thank you for watching! I hope you had as much fun watching as I did making. Here are links to various things mentioned in the podcast. Enjoy!

Stash enhancement:

Works in Progress:

Finished Object:

Podcasts to check out:

Culture Corner:

Ears and Eyes: