Episode 29: 2 Months Later…

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Yup. It’s been two months. Me thinks I am a fair weather podcaster. Sorry.

Show notes: They’ll happen…Really. Here’s the link to the Etsy Shop:  Bitchin’ Becky


Episode 28: You can do it!

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“Finished Objects”:


To be finished objects:

Episode 23: Hi, my name is Becky. I’m a yarn addict.

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Show notes:

Plurk Podcast Challenge Group on Ravelry

Knit-Along and finish with me (by Sept 22nd) and you will be entered in a drawing for 2 skeins (500 yds total) of Very Berry Sock Yarn from Shunklies


  • Cabled Chapeau, by Coats & Clark, knit out of Patons Classic Wool in the Jade Heather colorway on size 8 US/5mm needles
  • Flutter-by socks, by Shannon Robalino, knit out of Huckleberry Knits, Willow base, Copper Patina colorway on size 0 US/2mm needles
  • Pink and Purple Socks for Jael, basic sock pattern with afterthought heel, knit out of Colinette Jitterbug in the Rio and Lilac colorways on size 1.5 US/2.5mm needles
  • Trenza Mitts, by Susanna IC, knit out of Cascade 220 Heathers, in the 4008 colorway (a burgundy color) on size 7 US/4.5mm needles – I’m knitting-along with Becca from the KnitBytes podcast.


  • Cadence (NOT Cascade, despite what I kept saying), by Jordana Paige, knit out of Cascade 220 in the 7806 colorway (a blueish teal color) on size 7mm (no US size) needles

Stash: HOLY CRAP, do I have stash!

  • From Lewpy88: Yarn, yarn, and more yarn
  • From PaletPC: PostIt Tape and highlighter tape and lots of other little goodies
  • From Vanessa of Windy Acres: goat milk soap of various scents
  • From Mom and Angie: Wonder Woman Mug
  • Beer stitch markers from Luganchica102
  • Fat Ladies in SPAAAAACE, by Nicole Lorenz
  • Coconut M&Ms – god I love those crazy little things.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for the beer stitch markers in honor of Oktoberfest.


Episode 18: Summer Colds Suck!

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Woot! Uploaded on the first try! I guess being Satan has it’s advantages!

Hairy Yellow Chunks, pattern by Rebecca Danger, whose name I am intensely jealous of

Coming Together Socks, pattern by Thayer Preece

Mother Bear Project

List of podcasters hosting Mother Bear Project KALs:

  1. NoteableNeedle (Catherine);
  2. MommyNeedsYarn (Erin);
  3. Barknknit (Natalie);
  4. Family Fiber (Bobbi);
  5. Knitbytes (Becca);
  6. Exchangestudentinfiberland (MariGayle);
  7. Knittinonthefly (Katie);
  8. Knitabulls (Diane);
  9. Sassypantsknitter (Wendy); and
  10. Bloomingknitter (Tina).

Plurk Podcast Challenge Participants:

Alpaca and Ewe – Gail – http://alpacaandewe.blogspot.com/
Addicted to Yarn – Becky – https://addictedtoyarn.wordpress.com/
Barknknit – Natalie – http://barknknit.blogspot.com/
Britt Knits – Brittany – http://brittknitsvidcast.blogspot.com/
BloomingKnitter- Tina – http://bloomingknitter.wordpress.com/
CronicKnitter – Tanya – http://cronicknitter.blogspot.com/
Darthknitter -Tammy- http://proverbialknitter.com/
Dragonfly Soars – Vicki – http://dragonflysoars.blogspot.com/
DramaticKnits – Steve – http://dramaticknits.blogspot.com/
Domestikateddarling – Kate – http://www.domestikateddarling.blogspot.com/
Exchange Student in Fiberland – MariGayle -http://exchangestudentinfiberland.blogspot.com/
Family Fibers – Bobbi – http://familyfibervideocast.blogspot.com/
Knit Naturally – Dawn – http://knitnaturally.libsyn.com/webpage
Knit1hearttoo – Sheila – http://knit1hearttoo.blogspot.com/
Knit1hearttoo – Wendy – http://knit1hearttoo.blogspot.com/
Knitabulls – Diane – http://knitabullspodcast.blogspot.com/
Knitbytes – Beeca – http://knitbytes.wordpress.com/
Knittin’ on the Fly – Katie – http://knittinonthefly.blogspot.com/
Miss Elle Knits – Elle – http://misselleknits.blogspot.com
Mommyneedsyarn – Erin – http://www.mommyneedsyarn.com/
Needlebound-Liz -http://needlebound.blogspot.com/
NoteableNeedle – Kate – http://noteableneedlework.blogspot.com/
Purple Photokitty’s Artwork – kelly – http://ppkart.blogspot.com/
Sillyfru – Wendy – http://sassypantsknitter.podbean.com/
Rainlover Knits – Sarah – http://www.rainloverknits.com/
Yarnivore – Sadie – http://sadieruin.wordpress.com/
HippiePenguin -Hilary – http://hippiepenguinfibers.wordpress.com/


Episode 17: Finished object? What’s that?

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Sorry this isn’t getting posted until Friday. I recorded on Wednesday and it took five tries before it would load to blip.

Show notes to follow.

Oh, and here’s the link to the newly formed Ravelry group, Addicted to Yarn Podcast Group


Episode 16: Back from Spain!

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Works in Progress:

  • Coming Together Socks: knit on US 1 1/2 (2.5mm), out of Cascade Heritage Sock Handpainted, in the Isle of Skye colorway
  • Flutter-by Socks: knit on US 0 (2mm), out of Huckleberry Knits, Willow base, in the Copper Patina colorway
  • Traveling Woman shawl: knit on US 7 (4.5mm), out of Dream in Color Starry, in the Purple Rain colorway

Finished Objects:

  • What is this thing you call “Finished Objects?”

Stash Enhancement:

THANK YOU, Wendy and Sheila, for gifting me Mork!

I forgot to mention this but this is still happening in September: Plurk Podcast Challenge: started by Knittingsmybag (“needlework project bags” on Etsy). Happening in September. More information as it gets closer.


Episode 14: Fireworks and Monsters!

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Hello everybody!

Plurk Podcast Challenge: Started by Knittingsmybag (“needlework project bags” on Etsy). Happening in September. More information as it gets closer.

Works in Progress:

  • Catkin – pattern by Carina Spencer, yarn Madelintosh Tosh Merino Light in the Nutmeg colorway and Malabrigo Sock in the Boticelli Red colorway, on size 4 US/3.5mm Addi Turbo Lace
  • Grumpasaurus: Sugar and Cream Cotton, green colorways

Finished Objects:

Future Projects:

Stash Enhancement:

  • Cascade Heritage Sock in the Isle of Skye colorway is on its way to me!


Ears and Eyes: