Episode 7: Sunshine!

Thank you all for watching! Here are the show notes, giving credit where credit is due since I can’t remember to write these things down before hand. 🙂

Works in Progress:

Finished Objects:

Future project:

Stash Enhancement:

Knitting book review:


  • Don’t forget Steve, of DramaticKnits, has finished his Japanese Garden Shawl and is auctioning it on eBay and donating the proceeds to support the Red Cross’ relief efforts in Japan.

Eyes and Ears:

  • The Reliable Wife by Robert Goodrick
  • Fringe (TV series)
  • Oomph!

14 responses to “Episode 7: Sunshine!

    • I have learned a lot of German by studying lyrics and their translations. I really like Sandmann. It’s like a drug to me, right now. My daughter is even getting into it, which is great cuz she gets really tired of listening to Rammstein. 🙂

  1. Your square bags are awesome! Thanks for doing the book review, I’ve been wanting to check out aran sweater knitting for a while. I know they weren’t exactly a central feature of the episode, but I loved your earrings!

    Thanks for podcasting!

    • I’m so glad you like the earrings! I bought them in Paris. How awesome is that? To be able to say, “I bought them in Paris.” But actually, it sounds way cooler than it is. I bought them at a chain store, “I am” was the name, I think – in English – and the chain store was located in the train station. So it wasn’t even Paris proper. But they are beautiful and exactly what I wanted. They were nice enough to not make my ears sore but not so nice that I couldn’t afford them.

  2. RE: Things being WAY too expensive in Germany

    The same thing was true when I lived in France! Not connected to the military.

    Popcorn is so expensive because it has to be exported. It doesn’t grow in Europe 😦

    I could NEVER find peanut butter! I had my mom send me some in every care package 🙂

    Marshmallows: Don’t spend so much money, make your own! They’re super easy to make: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/homemade-marshmallows-recipe/index.html

  3. I love some of the patterns you were lusting after as well … but I wouldn’t feel limited by the size! There are a lot of stockinette panels in between the beautiful cable panels – just make them a little wider or if you swatch all the cable motifs add one of the smaller ones on either side to increase the width. I think they just look intimidating because of the quantity of cable turns but they should be pretty easy to customize!

    thanks again for a great episode!

    • You are right about the sweaters being intimidating. I think there is a part of me that was glad they were too small…that meant I had a good excuse besides fear for not doing them. Now I don’t have that excuse and I think I might have to challenge myself some more. 🙂

  4. Great job on your bags. I cannot sew. I would like to learn but I don’t see a sewing machine in my future. lol
    I LOVE that hat! I may need to add that to my queue! You little enabler!

    • Thanks! When I like sewing, I like it as much or more than knitting (don’t tell anyone).

      And, yeah…isn’t that hat the bomb? I freaking love it. I will probably make more. I will probably make another couple for my other SIL’s daughters. She’s pregnant and I like to make the older siblings something, too. Don’t know what she’s having so it’ll have to be something gender neutral for the baby.

  5. Your bags are great. Do you work from a pattern? I have been looking for a pattern as I have lots of fun fabric left from quilting days.

  6. Hi Becky,

    Just started watching you and really enjoying–just love your personality and your knitting journey. 🙂

    Hey, can you recommend a pattern for making box shaped project bags, as I’d love to sew some for myself.


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