Episode 20: Iowa is Awesome

Drugs of Choice:

  • Susanna’s Shawl: Traveling Woman Shawl, Dream  in Color Starry, Colorway: Purple Rain, Size 7 needles
  • Flutter-by Socks: Huckelberry Knits, Colorway: Copper Patina
  • Cadence: Camp Loopy Project 3, by Jordana Page, Cascade 220 Heathers

HUGE THANK YOUs TO: Jeanette, Bev, and Chelsea. You guys are awesome and generous. Thank you so much.

Plurk Podcast Challenge: If you want to do a KAL with me (and you know you do!), get yourself some Aran weight yarn, about 264 yards or so.

Mother Bear Project: Check out MariGayle of Exchange Student in Fiberland; Becca of KnitBytes; Vicki of DragonflySoars; and Cate of Noteable Needle, for KALs to join.


5 responses to “Episode 20: Iowa is Awesome

  1. Aww, shucks 🙂 Enjoy your stay stateside!

    ps: the hand exfoliant in the satin hands set doubles as a great face exfoliant (if you have lizard skin, like me, which you probably don’t).

  2. Hi hi! Where abouts in Iowa are you visiting? I live in Cedar Rapids. 🙂

    I’m always interested to hear about people’s travel experiences– we have had good luck with United too. A few years ago we were travelling with two kids (we now have three), ages 3 and 4. We were seated three together and one apart– talked to the people at the desk to see if we could be rearranged two and two, and they actually gave us an entire row (6 seats!!) to ourselves! Another airlines to check out- I doubt they do international flights, but I flew this summer with Frontier and had great luck; they were on time or *early* for both my flights.

    Have a lovely visit to the States!! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time and have lots of fun stuff planned. 😀

    • I met my husband (see next commenter) in Cedar Rapids! He was going to school and I was. . . well, I was in C.R. to “go to school” but in reality, I was just not living in my home town.

      My sister and mom both flew Frontier from Omaha to Atlanta and were quite happy with their flights. But United has my vote for this trip.

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